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Ozeki Autodialer Studio is an excellent software product that enables you to make automated voice calls. It is the most advanced technology available today. It reaches people by phone with personalized and automated voice messages. Try it now ... It operates 24/7 so it is the best solution for a stable automated system. Ozeki Autodialer Studio is the ideal platform for voice broadcasting, business reminders, surveys, etc. Learn more ...

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CategorySoftware product
Main taskAutomated calls with customized voice messages
ConnectivityTo make voice calls, you need to connect your Ozeki Autodialer Studio to the telephone network. This can be done in three ways:
  1. You can use a VoIP telephone adapter
  2. You can use a SIP Account provided by Internet based VoIP telephone provider
  3. You can use your existing office PBX if it is a VoIP system
Supported OSWindows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Install Ozeki Autodialer Studio software to your PC and make automated voice calls!

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The Ozeki Autodialer Studio is better than all the rest because:

1. It can be used to make several hundred phonecalls simultanously
Sign up for a SIP service on the Internet, create a phone number list, record a message and press "play" to start the calls. It is an excellent tool for notifying people about on-line events, such as a web conference a few minutes before the event starts.

2. Comatible with VoIP PBX systems
Ozeki Autodialer Studio can be used with all VoIP PBX systems and VoIP service providers. Many of our customers use it with the following PBXs.

  • SipX ECS voip applications
  • OpenSIPS voip applications
  • Kamailio voip applications
  • OpenSER voip applications
  • PBXnSIP voip applications
  • AsteriskNow voip applications
  • PBXpress voip applications
  • Elastix voip applications
  • 3CX voip applications
  • FreePBX voip applications
  • Asterisk voip applications.

    3. It can be configured to make calls on work days in business hours or any other time interval you wish
    You will not disturb your clients during night or weekends if you don't want to.

    4. It allows you to use your existing telephone subscription
    You can use your IP telephone provider on the Internet, a GSM or a traditional phone line, or you can connect Ozeki Autodialer Studio to your company's phone system as an extension to make calls.

    5. It is a VoIP software
    The Ozeki Autodialer Studio can connect to any SIP/VoIP telephone service. You can optimize the costs of your calls this way.

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